Why Choose Us?

  • Fully qualified in both installations and Testing
  • Over ten years experience in the trade
  • Free quotations and advice
  • Clean and Tidy work Ethic
  • We cover the entire midlands Area
  • All work carried out to Part P Regulations
  • All work comes with Certification on completion


With the introduction of the Part P building Regulations all works even a single circuit is notifiable to building control, we will issue you with a certificate for all work carried out by us and it will be registered with the NIC EIC who provide an Insurance Backed Warranty cover against our work.

Electrical Walsall


Electrical Walsall

We hold up to date public liability insurance through Trades Direct to the value of Two Million Pound, this insurance is in place this is so that if any accidents or damage is caused on site this insurance is in place to cover those costs. Gives both the homeowner and the tradesmen a safety net to cover any unforeseeable circumstances.

Everyone wants to get things done at a fair price in this current climate, those advertising cheap prices will provide just that, a cheap service with poor end results that will not be up to standard and possibly dangerous . With the introduction of the part P building regulations almost all works must be undertaken by a qualified electrician and is notifieble to building control. We provide a quality service at affordable prices within the electrical sector we have all the correct tools and experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently with as little disruption as possible.

Remember if you are planning on redecorating a room ask yourself could you benefit from extra socket outlets, wall lighting, or extra TV Arial outlets, these are all things to consider before you start laying carpets and putting up wall paper as then it is too late and will cause a lot of disruption to put in.

Meeting a new tradesman for the first time can be a bit daunting especially if you have had trouble with ones before or come in contact with a cowboy. We are a registered with the NIC EIC and have been assessed by them. We are very easy to talk to and any problems or worries you have just ask and you will get an honest answer.

Why We cost Less

Many people we have done work for have told us that our quotes were considerably less then others. I believe the reason for this is that we always find the most cost effective way to complete a job for you not the most long winded way to earn more. The other big factor is we use local and reputable electrical wholesalers for parts and fittings and add no mark up on your parts what we pay for them is what you pay for them unlike other companies that will add 10-15% on everything they buy. Little things such as these mean the cost of a job can be greatly reduced.

We also use some of the best electrical test equipment and tools available today in order to speed up the time it takes finding any faults causing a problem, this again saves our customers money the less time we are there the less you get charged for the repair. Where as an unidentified wire or circuit can take hours to trace manually, with cable tracing equipment we can find out what circuit does what within minutes. Its all about using the right tool for the job!

Why we Need to Look:

We have to come and see a job before we can quote for it as every home and business is different and without seeing it, pricing would just be a guess, that’s not to say we wont give you an idea of a cost for changing fittings and socket fronts but anything being installed, moved or upgraded we need to see to give you an accurate price. Those quoting over the phone will either go high to cover themselves or go low and add extras onto the price once they have started. Its better to have an exact price that is agreed and stuck too before work has begun.

We offer free quotations and there’s absolutely no pressure to have the job done. If you think the price is more then you expected just tell us and we will go though what’s involved and also see if there’s other options that could be explored.